Last year around the spring, it was the first months of my pregnancy. I was thinking of making something particular for these days of my life. Then, I came up with an idea of a baby ultrasound embroidery and announcing my pregnancy this way. I was imaging from her ultrasounds how my little one will look like, and thinking of a keepsake of these beautiful days. Now, this is piece is a part of our nursery. 

I have got many inquiries after my announcement, and after I while, I started to accept custom orders.

There become shortly a long backlog, more than I can handle especially as a new mom, hundred of emails at some days, I could not reply one by one, felt really upset about it. Embroidering is a slow process at all, and most of my current time is obviously dedicated to my little one for the moment. 

This is the reason that I will continue to move forward with my backlog, but only gradually.  And as an artist, I also need time slots for creating new things and encouraging my creativity.

I am more than grateful for all your lovely feedbacks, but this is the best I can do for the moment. I need to balance the number of orders and the time for my creativity flow, and creating free time, recharging, and having rest. Thanks for your understanding, and please follow up updates from instagram or email list.

Even though I am not able to accept any new orders for the moment, in case you wonder the details, the hoop is 4 inch, and its price is 300 USD. I ship worldwide, and it costs around 7.5 USD.