Shortly, I want to share with you about how I come up with this idea. When I became pregnant at the beginning of the last year, I made an embroidery from my baby’s ultrasound at which I looked every day during this season of my life while imagining how she will look like, and a keepsake of these beautiful days as well. I also used this as a unique way to announce my pregnancy.
Meanwhile, I have got many inquiries, so I decided to accept custom orders beside my root vegetable embroideries at the end.


300 USD
4’’ hoop
2 weeks to 4 weeks to completion time
Shipping worldwide


I had a wait list at the beginning. Now I am making these orders, and trying to clean up the list. But then, I have a slightly different approach for the next phase orders. First I collect ultrasounds for a time boxed slot, and will lunch it when slot is full. Time box will be around 1-2 months. So if you are interested in next slot, please send me a mail simply by clicking email in this page below with your ultrasound attached!
All baby ultrasounds are uniquely beautiful, but unfortunately, not all of them are appropriate for embroidering. Thus, please send me an email with your own ultrasound attached so I can determine if it’s viable for an embroidery.
Embroidering is fun but needs lots of time. Obviously, I am also quite busy with my little one. I will do my best to check your ultrasounds as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience.