Thanks a lot for your interest in my baby ultrasound embroidery. 

After making my little one's ultrasound embroidery for the first time when I was pregnant, I received so many inquiries. Now she turns 3 months and I have started back to work gradually to finish my orders from the waiting list, and about to prepare a shop update with my root vegetable series as well. I am also passionate about coming up new things as always. It seems now fully scheduled for next a few months, so the waiting list is closed until a further notice. 

All baby ultrasounds are uniquely beautiful, and a wonderful memory keepsake. However, not all of them are applicable for embroidering. If you are interested in having one when there is a new opening in the list

and would like to check about your ultrasounds applicability in advance, you may contact me at any time. 

I am also quite busy with my little one, but meanwhile, I will do my best to reply your emails, and answer your questions as much as possible.

Thanks for your patience indeed.