Hi, I am Veselka! 

I am living with my husband, and our two-years-old little daughter and continuing my works on my home studio in Munich. I have a bachelor degree on painting with 10 years fine arts education totally. Because of several relocations last ten years, I should have moved away from oil painting relatively. Around that time, embroidery, which was my hobby in the beginning, gradually turned into my full time business. Nowadays, we have almost settled down, and maybe they will again move forward together.

I love working with all kind of natural materials such as cotton, canvas, wood, wool, raffia, paper, discovering new techniques while playing around with them, or pointing out classical ones in a very different way. By mixing creative skills and those techniques, I aim at balanced, simple, but impressive works. After several years especially with botanical embroideries, I am working on figures, forms, and foreshortening for a while as well. By trying out dyeing techniques and working on skin tones, I intend a taste of oil painting on my works.

As much as possible, I am embracing slow living without overlooking little happiness in life. Frankly speaking, It is also a good challenge with my lovely little one who loves to explore everything in details with her super energy. A really good third wave of coffee, sweet smelling of a freshly baked pie in kitchen, trying out different recipes, picnics, observing the transitions of seasons, cycling and exploring new places are all my little happiness in my life, and my inspirations as well.