• Image of Baby Ultrasound Tutorial
  • Image of Baby Ultrasound Tutorial
  • Image of Baby Ultrasound Tutorial
  • Image of Baby Ultrasound Tutorial

That tutorial includes:
- Guides how to prepare your own custom pattern
- Guides how to transfer pattern
- Stitching techniques
- Detailed instructions of ultrasound embroidering
- Supply list
- 45 images and diagrams
- 24 pages

That tutorial is prepared for the embroiderers of all experience levels. Possibility to finish your hoop in different milestones spanning from minimalist and silhouette view through finely detailed forms for a more realistic view of an advanced level experience.

- No physical items with this purchase.
- Digital purchase, all sales are final.
- Personal use only

A free preset file is also included in your purchase. I prepared that preset file which is used with free Adobe Lightroom Mobile App to enhance ultrasound image before transferring pattern easily to the black fabric. All the details are step by step described with pictures at the "Guides how to transfer pattern" section in the tutorial.

The story behind:
When I was pregnant in 2017, I want to make something to remember this season of my life as an embroidery artist. It was the very first time that it came into my mind to embroidery my little one's ultrasound on a hoop, and announce my pregnancy that way as an embroidery artist. I was not thinking at that time how much it will be loved. Following my announcement, I started to receive too many inquiries and your lovely comments about what I made. Just after I decided to make custom baby ultrasound embroideries, it turned into unmanageable long waiting lists. That was really frustrating especially as a new mom.

Now, more than two years passed, and there are still lots of interest in baby ultrasounds into embroideries since they are unique and adorable, just like our babies are.

For about two years, I have spent so many hours analysing many ultrasounds, practising new techniques to optimize the process. And now, I am sharing with you all my experiences within that tutorial! I hope you will enjoy it, and follow along with me on this experience

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